electric warehouse forklifts to assist the operator

Warehouse forklifts

Warehouse forklifts, or popular pallet trucks, in various configurations are used in almost every company and industry. In warehouse operations, they provide invaluable assistance, greatly facilitating and speeding up planned activities. Due to legal regulations (in Poland, the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on occupational safety and health in manual transport work and other work involving physical effort), which prohibit manual handling of loads of a certain weight, even the simplest pallet trucks are often equipped with additional electric power.

Warehouse forklifts not only help in transporting goods, but also in picking and even storing them. Thanks to their small size, they are also used for unloading and loading goods, even directly from inside a truck. The small size is one thing, but another important advantage, due to the electric power supply, is the relief of the human body in warehouse work. And so, for example, forklifts with a platform help in long-distance transportation, so that the machine operator does not have to travel huge distances on a daily basis. The available forklifts with extendable mast will allow you to store goods on racks, or directly one pallet on top of another.


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