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Diesel counterbalance trucks

Use of Diesel Forklifts

Although diesel forklifts meet stringent emission standards, they are most often used for work in open spaces due to the harmful gases they emit. Due to the robustness of their construction, the durability of their engines and their resistance to weather conditions, they are the ideal solution for outdoor work.

Features of diesel forklifts

Diesel forklifts of this type are relatively inexpensive to operate due to their low fuel consumption.Of course, their final operating cost, as in any case, is related to the cost of the fuel raw material. On the other hand, compared to gasoline engines, their combustion is at a lower level, which means that the initially larger investment will pay off. The high compression engine and high torque make this type of forklifts ideal for heavy loads and work in difficult terrain.

Rough terrain forklifts

If we're already talking about working in rough terrain, then this is where even more specialized machines have been developed, namely off-road forklifts. At first glance, they are distinguished by a more robust design with higher ground clearance and large tires with wider, deeper and more predatory tread. What is invisible at first glance is the issue of two- or four-wheel drive. Off-road forklifts can therefore cope with uneven, bumpy or muddy terrain. They climb hills with greater efficiency, and also, thanks to a wider track width, for example, they guarantee greater stability. For these reasons, you will most often find such machines in construction and heavy industry, and they will not infrequently find use in sawmills or quarries, as well as in agriculture.


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