forklifts designed to work with loads of 1 to 5 tons

Electric counterbalance forklift

Use of electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are most often used in enclosed halls, such as warehouses and production halls, due to the fact that they meet even the strictest emission regulations, for a very simple reason, they do not produce these exhaust fumes at all.

Electric forklifts are less often used for outdoor work, due to the sensitivity of the batteries to the weather and increased vibration on uneven terrain, while thanks to the use of new technologies, manufacturers of electric forklifts are making these devices more versatile and increasingly used also in outdoor conditions.

Features of electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are characterized not only by the absence of exhaust emissions, but also by low noise generation, high precision when maneuvering (due, among other things, to the slow approach after releasing the brake), smooth operation (thanks to the use of AC, which improves efficiency by, for example, generating full power when operating at higher loads).

Batteries for electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are powered by batteries, which are also part of the forklift's counterweight. The most common are two types of batteries, traditional lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. The former require more maintenance, such as by regularly topping up with distilled water (as the water evaporates), or desulfurizing the battery less frequently, but also applied. Nowadays, most batteries of this type are manufactured with a maintenance-free mentality and, thanks to their design, no longer require increased battery maintenance. As a rule, in such batteries the electrolyte is in the form of a gel (so the need to add water is dropped), this type of battery is called maintenance-free. The second type of batteries, i.e. lithium-ion batteries, are completely maintenance-free, plus they withstand short charges much better, so they can be recharged during breaks, thus extending the operating time on a single battery and eliminating any downtime needed for battery replacement.

Below you will find all available models of forklifts from the category of electric forklifts.

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