LPG counterbalance trucks

The use of LPG forklifts

LPG forklifts are often referred to as all-purpose forklifts, as they can successfully operate both outdoors and inside halls or warehouses. They are not as sensitive to weather conditions as electric forklifts and do not emit as many harmful substances as diesel forklifts. Thus, they represent a kind of compromise between forklifts with these types of power supply. However, in order to maintain full safety in indoor operation, good ventilation and the use of appropriate filters are a prerequisite. Gas-powered forklifts will therefore work well in mixed working conditions, such as when unloading and loading goods along with transporting them to the warehouse.

Features of gas forklifts

The use of LPG-powered forklifts eliminates long work stoppages in case of fuel depletion, as gas cylinder replacement is generally quick and efficient. The biggest advantage of gas-powered forklifts is their versatile use, unlike diesel-powered forklifts, which are limited by operation in closed halls. With the use of appropriate filters to reduce exhaust emissions, they can successfully be used inside warehouses.

Gas cylinders for forklifts

The most common gas forklifts are powered by LPG, while there are models on the market powered by or adapted to CNG. The former is more common; LPG cylinders are more readily available, can be stored at lower pressures, and the cylinder walls can be thinner and therefore lighter. The design of the cylinders is siphon-like, so as a rule, the cylinders are arranged horizontally to allow the cylinder to be emptied as accurately as possible.


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