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which forklift truck is the best choice for your company?

New forklifts

Before you decide to choose a forklift truck, you should carefully analyze which forklift will be the best solution for your company. The final choice of a forklift should be influenced not only by the price, but above all by its functionality in terms of meeting the needs of your company, including:

Where will the forklift work?

  • Outside or inside, or maybe both?
  • What surface will it be driving on (paving stone, concrete, gravel road, etc.)?
  • Under what weather conditions (rain, snow, or maybe only in summer)?
  • If inside, are there any restrictions - mast height? Turning radius? The weight of the stroller? Cleanliness requirements? No exhaust fumes etc.?

What will the forklift do (what tasks the forklift will do):

  • Bringing pallets to the warehouse, from the warehouse, loading on a car, unloading a container, handling racks?
  • Is the load on a pallet or other carrier or not?
  • Load dimensions and weight?
  • Work multi-shift?
  • Use intensity (number of mth per month)?

An important element in choosing the right forklift should be the so-called TCO (total cost of ownership) - running costs (spare parts), costs of inspections, servicing, repairs, costs related to the operation of an internal transport device - energy costs - fuel, gas or electricity, depending on the type of forklift drive selected.

Basic parameters when choosing a forklift on the example of a counterbalance truck:


Electric drive, diesel or maybe LPG?

Electrically powered forklifts are most often used for work in closed rooms, such as production halls or warehouses, but we can also use them when working outside. Their use inside closed rooms is safe for employees because they are characterized by the absence of exhaust emissions. The advantage of the electric drive is acceleration, smooth driving, precise maneuvers and small size of the engines. The limitation of the truck is the battery, which usually requires several hours of charging. Currently, lithium-ion batteries are used more and more often, which, unlike acid batteries, can be quickly recharged, extending the working time of the truck. There should be a special stand in the hall or warehouse where the battery can be connected. Among the machines with electric drive we have models with DC motors - DC and trucks with AC motors - AC. The latter type is more popular because the use of AC technology improves the efficiency of the device.

Diesel engine trucks operate in open spaces. They should not be used in closed rooms due to poisonous exhaust fumes. However, they are the most durable, efficient and economical units, especially with high lifting capacities. LPG forklifts are a good alternative for companies that use the machine both outdoors and indoors. The most modern filters that reduce the amount of exhaust gases are used in LPG engines.


Proper lifting capacity of the forklift - what to pay attention to.

One of the most important parameters of the forklift is its lifting capacity. When buying a machine for a company, we should remember that the capacity specified by the manufacturer is the catalog capacity for strictly defined conditions. The capacity is determined on the basis of the load center of gravity and the lifting height and is selected in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. Yes, for example, in the case of an undersized load, a forklift with a capacity of three tons can only lift 1 ton of load. Another thing that causes a drop in load capacity is additional attachments, such as a grapple or a side shift. The equipment moves away the center of gravity of the load and can weigh quite a lot itself.


What type of mast to choose?

The type of mast determines the height at which we can lift the load. There are three basic types of masts to choose from:

  • Simplex – the forklift is equipped with one arm in which the carriage of the stroller moves.
  • Duplex – the forklift has a double frame, one part of the mast extends from the other part.
  • Triplex – the mast of the forklift consists of three parts.

An important parameter when choosing a mast is the so-called free stroke of the forks, i.e. to what height we can raise the forks without extending the mast beyond its resting value. For example, if we use a forklift that loads and unloads our containers / semi-trailers, we can use the simplest mast type, simplex, but when in a car semi-trailer we have to put a pallet on a pallet and we are limited by the ceiling, we will use the mast with the largest free lift possible, i.e. e.g. triplex.


Forklift tires.

There are two main types of tires to choose from: solid tires - super-elastic or pneumatic tires. The first type of tire has a longer service life than pneumatic tires. They are designed to work on level ground. Perfect for a warehouse or hall. Their advantage is that they are not exposed to punctures. This value reduces the risk of unplanned downtime. On the other hand, pneumatic tires have better shock absorption. This feature contributes to the longer life of the torsion beam. If you have doubts or you are not sure which forklift will be the best solution for your company - contact our advisors who, thanks to their many years of experience in the industry, are able to offer solutions ideally suited to your needs and possibilities.

Warehouse forklifts

electric warehouse forklifts to assist the operator

Warehouse forklifts, or popular pallet trucks, in various configurations are used in almost every company and industry. In warehouse operations, they provide invaluable assistance, greatly facilitating and speeding up planned activities. Due to legal regulations (in Poland, the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on occupational safety and health in manual transport work and other work involving physical effort), which prohibit manual handling of loads of a certain weight, even the simplest pallet trucks are often equipped with additional electric power.

Warehouse forklifts not only help in transporting goods, but also in picking and even storing them. Thanks to their small size, they are also used for unloading and loading goods, even directly from inside a truck. The small size is one thing, but another important advantage, due to the electric power supply, is the relief of the human body in warehouse work. And so, for example, forklifts with a platform help in long-distance transportation, so that the machine operator does not have to travel huge distances on a daily basis. The available forklifts with extendable mast will allow you to store goods on racks, or directly one pallet on top of another.


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Electric counterbalance forklift

forklifts designed to work with loads of 1 to 5 tons

Use of electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are most often used in enclosed halls, such as warehouses and production halls, due to the fact that they meet even the strictest emission regulations, for a very simple reason, they do not produce these exhaust fumes at all.

Electric forklifts are less often used for outdoor work, due to the sensitivity of the batteries to the weather and increased vibration on uneven terrain, while thanks to the use of new technologies, manufacturers of electric forklifts are making these devices more versatile and increasingly used also in outdoor conditions.

Features of electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are characterized not only by the absence of exhaust emissions, but also by low noise generation, high precision when maneuvering (due, among other things, to the slow approach after releasing the brake), smooth operation (thanks to the use of AC, which improves efficiency by, for example, generating full power when operating at higher loads).

Batteries for electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are powered by batteries, which are also part of the forklift's counterweight. The most common are two types of batteries, traditional lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. The former require more maintenance, such as by regularly topping up with distilled water (as the water evaporates), or desulfurizing the battery less frequently, but also applied. Nowadays, most batteries of this type are manufactured with a maintenance-free mentality and, thanks to their design, no longer require increased battery maintenance. As a rule, in such batteries the electrolyte is in the form of a gel (so the need to add water is dropped), this type of battery is called maintenance-free. The second type of batteries, i.e. lithium-ion batteries, are completely maintenance-free, plus they withstand short charges much better, so they can be recharged during breaks, thus extending the operating time on a single battery and eliminating any downtime needed for battery replacement.

Below you will find all available models of forklifts from the category of electric forklifts.

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Diesel counterbalance trucks


Use of Diesel Forklifts

Although diesel forklifts meet stringent emission standards, they are most often used for work in open spaces due to the harmful gases they emit. Due to the robustness of their construction, the durability of their engines and their resistance to weather conditions, they are the ideal solution for outdoor work.

Features of diesel forklifts

Diesel forklifts of this type are relatively inexpensive to operate due to their low fuel consumption.Of course, their final operating cost, as in any case, is related to the cost of the fuel raw material. On the other hand, compared to gasoline engines, their combustion is at a lower level, which means that the initially larger investment will pay off. The high compression engine and high torque make this type of forklifts ideal for heavy loads and work in difficult terrain.

Rough terrain forklifts

If we're already talking about working in rough terrain, then this is where even more specialized machines have been developed, namely off-road forklifts. At first glance, they are distinguished by a more robust design with higher ground clearance and large tires with wider, deeper and more predatory tread. What is invisible at first glance is the issue of two- or four-wheel drive. Off-road forklifts can therefore cope with uneven, bumpy or muddy terrain. They climb hills with greater efficiency, and also, thanks to a wider track width, for example, they guarantee greater stability. For these reasons, you will most often find such machines in construction and heavy industry, and they will not infrequently find use in sawmills or quarries, as well as in agriculture.


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LPG counterbalance trucks


The use of LPG forklifts

LPG forklifts are often referred to as all-purpose forklifts, as they can successfully operate both outdoors and inside halls or warehouses. They are not as sensitive to weather conditions as electric forklifts and do not emit as many harmful substances as diesel forklifts. Thus, they represent a kind of compromise between forklifts with these types of power supply. However, in order to maintain full safety in indoor operation, good ventilation and the use of appropriate filters are a prerequisite. Gas-powered forklifts will therefore work well in mixed working conditions, such as when unloading and loading goods along with transporting them to the warehouse.

Features of gas forklifts

The use of LPG-powered forklifts eliminates long work stoppages in case of fuel depletion, as gas cylinder replacement is generally quick and efficient. The biggest advantage of gas-powered forklifts is their versatile use, unlike diesel-powered forklifts, which are limited by operation in closed halls. With the use of appropriate filters to reduce exhaust emissions, they can successfully be used inside warehouses.

Gas cylinders for forklifts

The most common gas forklifts are powered by LPG, while there are models on the market powered by or adapted to CNG. The former is more common; LPG cylinders are more readily available, can be stored at lower pressures, and the cylinder walls can be thinner and therefore lighter. The design of the cylinders is siphon-like, so as a rule, the cylinders are arranged horizontally to allow the cylinder to be emptied as accurately as possible.


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